About me and my blog


I’m Robert and I’ve been working as a communication specialist in a multinational company for three years now. I like my job very much as I get to be very creative and to create content of my own for online advertisments, newsletters and other marketing materials. In my spare time I usually do lot of things: I go to the seaside, take long walks or visit my friends. There is also another activity I have discovered recently, playing at online casinos that is.

This adventure started when I was at a friend’s place. We were having some drinks when he told me that we could check out a game or two on an online venue. I was reluctant at first, as I believed that such a thing wouldn’t bring anything good, but I watched him play and saw him win. So I finally gave the games a try. I lost a few money at first as I had no idea how to play, but then after a time I began winning. After a while I had tried all the games and I discovered I loved online slots the most.

So I decided to start this blog to tell you about my online casino experiences and to find other gambling enthusiasts willing to share insights with me as well.